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Thursday, February 4, 2010 10:30 a.m.

California Faith for Equality was a sponsor of the American Prayer Hour Interfaith gathering In Glendale, California- part of national movement - one of 17 gatherings across the country. The Glendale event was organized by Dave Ferguson, Church Relations Director of Seventh-day Adventist Kinship and Leif Lind, Church Administrator of Glendale City Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Glendale City Seventh-day Adventist Church is an open and affirming congregation.

[Rev. Sandie Richards; Rev. Keith Banwart, Jr.; Rev. Art Cribbs; Dave Ferguson; Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater; Lief Lind]

CFE spokesperson, the Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs delivered the homily. Cribbs called for "justice to roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." He challenged all to live into our "ubuntu" selves, the "I am in you and you in me" so that we are all one.

The service was both interfaith and multicultural, with prayers offered in five languages including intercessor. Pictured below is Vivan Varela from All Saints Church in Pasadena, who added a Spanish prayer to those in Portuguese, French and Hebrew.

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater delivered the blessing.

The service included the following litany -- written for the American Prayer Hour by the Reverend Lesley Brogan, Atlanta GA.

God of all places, of this room and the other rooms across the country where we gather to pray this morning, inspire us. When we hear of the hatred for sisters and brothers in Uganda, we also feel hatred; we become hateful ourselves. When we hear of the devastation of lives of sisters and brothers because of wars, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, we lose our trust. When we hear of the suffering of sisters and brothers in Darfur, we lose our faith. We know that we have become a culture of “us versus them,” spending our hours and energies naming and blaming. In places of hatred where walls are built to separate us one from another, guide us so that we might turn toward each other and not turn away.
ALL: Guide us to a new place where our faith builds bridges and creates places for healing.

God of all time and this morning, stir us up, we pray. In this time when voices are silenced and agendas are created behind closed doors, open our hearts and minds so that more seats are placed at the tables of change and transformation. In places where lines are drawn in the sand dividing neighborhoods and countries, awaken us in a new way.
ALL: Awaken us to a time of hope and openness of heart.

God of all people and of your sons and daughters here this morning, gather us in, we pray. Where there is great suffering from hunger and thirst, come. Where sisters and brothers have no place to lay their heads, come. Where jobs have been lost and dreams have vanished, come. Be present, God, in Haiti, in the United States of America, in Uganda. In places of violence, addiction, illness and injury, come God of us all, come.
ALL: Come and re-shape your children to love so that we might live into your image.
Holy One, renew us. During this season of shortened hours of daylight, we are sometimes tempted to hibernate. Remind us that although the night may seem long, your light is ever again preparing to burst onto our horizons emboldening us and giving us strength for your service. Guide us. Awaken us, O God. Re-shape us so that we might live into your restoration, your justice, your shalom.
All: God of faith, hope and love we hunger for you – this is the place, this is the time, fill us with Your courage, peace, and love. Use us, we pray. Amen.

California Faith for Equality was proud to have participated in this memorable and important service.

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