Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catholics for Marriage Equality are speaking out

From their website:

Catholics for Marriage Equality [C4ME] encompasses faithful Roman Catholics throughout the United States who through prayerful discernment are supporting civil marriage for same-sex couples. Our consciences are informed by our Catholic social justice tradition based in Hebrew and Christian scriptures.
C4ME's justice focus is same-sex marriage equality. C4ME can denote any Catholic individual or group that affirms the C4ME purpose: (1) to give hope to those who are hurt and angry by our bishops' determination to block civil marriage for same-sex couples and (2) to disseminate truthful information respectfully stating why civil marriage equality is a matter of civil rights and social justice that Catholics can support as a matter of informed conscience and political opinion.
If you are a practicing Catholic desiring further information before committing yourself to support civil marriage equality, we hope this site will be helpful in your deciding to include gay and lesbian families in the rights granted heterosexual families through civil marriage. C4ME honors the Church's theology of sacramental marriage and affirms the right of every religious body to determine who it marries and what marriages it recognizes.
C4ME's Declaration of Conscience is adapted from ones used in the Massachusetts and Maine challenges to same-sex marriage. C4ME's goal is to obtain signatures of Catholics throughout the U.S. When a bishop denounces same-sex marriage and seeks to sway public officials, our signatures will attest that the bishop does not speak for all faithful Catholics.
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