Monday, June 7, 2010

The Kameyas: A Story of Faith and Family

California Faith for Equality volunteers Harold and Ellen Kameya share their story about faith and their family:
Twenty-two years ago, our then 20-year old daughter Valerie told us she was gay. As Sansei from Hawaii, raised in a socially conservative Japanese American culture, Valerie’s announcement devastated us. At that time, we were woefully ignorant on issues of sexual orientation, including that being gay is not a choice. As part of that ignorance, we were saddened that we would never see our daughter get married or have a family.
. . .
In 1990, we were asked to share our experiences with a group of gay Asian Americans. That meeting was a turning point for us. After we spoke, we were moved by the tears on the faces of the audience.

Read more at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress.

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