Monday, October 19, 2009

California Faith for Equality's Support of Maine's Religious Coalition is in the Numbers

After marching through Portland's Monument Sqaure, people of faith gather and rally for marriage equality. Here, a Catholic for marriage equality shares a prayer for families.

Yesterday, Mainers in Portland, Bangor, Auburn and Rockland rallied against discrimination and for the freedom to marry. Kerry Chaplin, California Faith for Equality's Interfaith Organizing Director, spent a week in Maine helping Katy Jayne, Organizer for the Religious Coalition, prepare for the events, which turned out about 1,000 people of faith.

"These events were successful because people of faith in Maine care about equality," shared Jayne. "California Faith for Equality's support helped to ensure we met our goals by engaging people of faith not only to attend the events, but to help organize them."

Check out media coverage from Bangor and Auburn.

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